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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Love Poem for my EX

If your asking if I need you the answer is forever
If your asking if ill leave you the answer is never
If your asking what I value the answer is you
If your asking if I love you the answer is I do
When darkness falls and were apart
Can love heal this lonely heart
I love you dearly that i do
Sleep is good when dreaming of you
With all my love i give to you
You are so sweet i know not how im with you
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
All angels in heaven,
Know I need you,
Years may fly,
Tears may dry,
But my love for you,
Will never die.
When I saw You I was afraid to meet You
When I meet You I was afraid to hold You
When I hold You I was afraid to kiss You
When I kiss You I was afraid to love You
When I love You I was afraid to leave You
I miss you today
I miss you tomorrow
I miss you every second of the day.
I cry today
I cry tomorrow
I cry every time your never around.
I love you today
I love you tomorrow
I love you with every breath i take.
I hurt today
I hurt tomorrow
I hurt just knowing your not mine.
I set here today
I set here tomorrow
I set here everyday wishing upon a star.
I’ll cherish you for ever and ever,
I’ll protect you through any terror,
I’ll never make your heart tear,
I’ll only do the opposite and care.
I feel pain
I feel sorrow
Is there any happiness i could borrow?
thinking of you every waking hour
you are my fragile flower
I can not control my fascinations
nor control my my tolerations
I wish you know and always will
baby you are my drugging pill
I cant stop taking it
but i love how it feels
you are perfect from your head to your heels
you are my fascination
Can’t help but not ignore her
from the moment i felt her lips on mine
I knew we were going to be just fine
Ideas From RUSHLY

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