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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cousin - Eiyra

  This time is all about my other cousin Eiyra, She's the same age as me. First time we met was at our grandmother house at Kampung Melayu Ipoh. That was a long year ago, maybe that time I'm still a silly kid.
Today, my family and I stay at her house. Maybe just for today.. I love to watch her. Its fun looking at what she's doing.. This morning, at 7/8 a.m I got to go to my uncle's house.. I'm freakin bored without her..
For your information, I fell in love with her. I've tell her the truth. I've express my feeling at her last year i think.. But she kept saying that a cousin can't be in love.. I want to be with her even just one month, one year, etc.. But not ONE DAY or ONE WEEK..
At least I can feel loving someone and loved by someone..

Now, I'm hearing her cute laugh.. Actually, I'm hearing Zana's and Eiyra's laugh.. But they didn't know that I've been hearing then for 2 hour and a half.. LoL, its funny. I know about them but they didn't know bout me..

Who cares anyway ? By the way, I miss my ex named Liyana.. When I think of Zana, I'll be thinking of my step-sister Liyana Farzana.. And when I think bout her, I'll be thinking bout my ex that have the same name as my sister.. :(
How could she leave me and be with my own BEST FRIEND..

At least she can tell me what's not right and I can make it right. But she just left me without telling me anything.. Its the painful thing of my life that i ever been..

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